Energy Exchange

Investment towards YOUR inner growth

Readings 1 hour 120$
Readings 30 mins 60$
Reiki Healing 1 Hour 120$
Reiki Healing 30 mins 60$
Absent Reiki Healing 30 mins 60$
Chakra Un-blocking 1 hour 100$
Half reading / half healing 1 hour 120$
Personal Development Coaching 1 hour 100$
Property Cleansing Varies min 150$
Property Protection - inc Fengshui Varies min 150$
Workshops 1 day 65$ - 125$
Retreat weekend 280$ - 450$
Magick Consultations P.O.A
Marriage Blessings, Birth Celebrations and Life Celebrations P.O.A
Become a Reiki Practitioner please see Reiki page

Cash, Cheque and Credit Cards Welcome

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MOB: (64 2) 0274854443

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