So What is Magick?

Once upon a time in a far away land. Mystical creatures roamed all over the land.
Witches and Warlocks, Wizards and Dragons, Angels and Fairies, Pixies and Unicorns.
They sang and they played to create ever after.
Squealing with such laughter, bringing such delight, they scattered joy, sprinkling love
ever after.
It was not their intent to deliver such fright.
For their job for the world, with almighty might - Was to deliver in abundance deep into the night.

To live an ENCHANTING life, so come what may, come what be, with their help - It's up to me.
Ooooooooo scary run and hide, quickly dive, hide deep inside!

For so long now, Magick has been deemed evil.
To be honest it is FAR from it

Created in pure intent, for love, peace, happiness and abundance,
Magick will only bring you joy and content..

Litha / Midsummer

December / January MAGICK is used to focus on Power, courage and success; for health, happiness, strength, energy and self confidence. It’s a great time for fulfilling personal and career goals and for maximizing opportunities. This is the longest day and shortest night of the year.
This is masculine energy, when the Sun is at its most powerful.

20 - 22 December
Litha - - Southern Hemisphere - Meaning – Power, leadership, authority

Yule - - Northern Hemisphere - Meaning – Hope, security, stability

GodLlew or Lugh – wise farmer and protector
SymbolsGolden fruit and veges, brightly coloured flowers
Candle coloursRed, Orange, Gold and Yellow
CrystalsCarnelian, Tigers Eye, Amber, Red Jasper, Sun Stone
Festival FoodHam, butter, cheese, honey, red wine, red and yellow fruits and veges

Litha / Summer Solstice Activities

Make five new powerful positive affirmations
Light Sun oil or incense to bring the power of the Sun into your home or workplace. Orange, juniper, frankincense, rosemary

Make Summer Solstice water, the most powerful Sun water of the year. Pour water into a gold/yellow dish and set yellow flowers around it. Do this from Solstice eve until noon Solstice day. Pour into a bottle and drink or bath in it for healing, empowering, energy and confidence. Place your gold jewellery in the Summer Solstice sunlight to charge for a few hours or in front of a gold candle.

OstaraLughnasadhSamhainYuleJuly Magick ImbolcLitha

I practice as a Solitary Witch
abiding by

The Wiccan Rede

Bide the Wiccan law ye must
In perfect love, in perfect trust,
Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill;
An' ye harm none, do what ye will.
What ye send forth in words and actions
Will come back to thee,
So ever mind the the Rule of Three.
Follow this with mind, soul and heart,
And merry ye meet, and merry ye part.
Merry ye meet again.

Magickal Whispers

Starting a NEW healthy lifestyle - like a diet - new food regime, giving up smoking, or any other addictive behaviour is best done in the "Waning Moon Phase" - from Full to New Moon ( the energy is decreasing )