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A Magickal Journey to a Happyspirit

A Magickal Journey to a Happyspirit is an introductory to Magick that will give you an exciting insight to the world of real magick and how you can learn and use it in your daily life. You will learn that magick is not evil and that anyone can do it with patience and practice. This book is beautifully illustrated and with each page, taking you on a journey of knowledge to a Happyspirit.
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A Mystickal Journey to a Happyspirit

As you listen to these enchanting meditations you will journey into the magickal fairy filled woods on track 1, then on track 2 be carried on a wave of mystickal bliss to the depths of the deep ocean blue. These meditations will help you free your mind, help release troubles and stress from your daily life. You will feel the ancient knowledge flow and entwine your heart and soul.
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Crystal Packs

Crystal packs available 25$ including P&P ( some packs may varie in price All packs are attuned and powered with Reiki and or Magick and come with an explanation and a daily affirmation/manatra.
- Weight Loss and Energy
- Chakra Balancing
- Study, Focus and Concentration
- Success, Drive and Ambition
- Love and Passion
- Self belief and Self Love/Worth
- Healing and Stress relief
- Easy Sleep / Nightmares away
- Protection and Grounding

If you have a specific requirement for any special circumstances, please contact me and i will be delighted to make that up for you